Transactional Analysis

Transactional Analysis is a humanistic form of Counselling / Psychotherapy.

Core TA philosophy :

Every human being has worth, value and dignity.

Everyone has the capacity to think. We can all think for ourselves. Therefore it is the responsibility of each of us to decide what we want from life.

People make decisions about their life and these decisions can be changed. People can change. We can achieve change not only by insight, but by actively deciding to change old patterns of behaviour.

TA uses a decisional model; as children we interpret our environment and make decisions on how best to be in the world in order to survive. This way of being may become fixed even when it is no longer useful. As grown ups we now have more freedom in choosing our own environments.

In TA a contractual method is often used. This means that the Client and Therapist agree what changes are wished for. From this we develop ideas of how working together could achieve those changes.

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